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Festive. Big. Celebratory. Holiday gatherings happen out and about in increasing numbers —restaurants that stay open during Christmas and New Year's Day saw 40 to 50 percent increase in profits compared to average days according to technology company, CAKE. Serving interesting holiday dips could be a great addition to the appetizer menu for crowds looking to come together during this time of friends and family.
Tahini, on the menu, has grown 46 percent in the past four years per Datassential. Tahini is a paste originating from the Middle East, made with ground sesame seeds. It's a main component in hummus, but its rich, nutty flavor makes it ideal for mixing into sweeter flavor profiles. A Greek yogurt and tahini dip could make a light but healthful fruit dip. A walnut-tahini dip could be a creamy first dish served with crackers or veggies.
Peanut butter, coconut sugar, and milk blended together could be the perfect addition to some sliced apples on the kid's (or adult) menu for the holidays—what says holidays more perfectly than a crisp apple? Almond butter could be substituted in any holiday dips, mixing flavors like toffee and chocolate chips for a sweeter dip or a soy sauce, brown sugar, and curry for a spicy dip. Graham crackers, vegetable slices, or whatever finger foods fit the profile are ideal here.
A warm, jalapeño seafood dip served with toasted, crusty bread slices could be the ticket for a hearty holiday dip that's a crowd-pleaser. Seafood is one category of food families tend to turn to each year around the holidays—and so why not try a roasted red pepper crab queso? Or southwest-style crawfish dip? Even compiling a couple of festive seafood dips for the family to try leads to all ages gathered getting something they want to enjoy, together.
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